Events 活動

11 Dec 2018【Why LGBT marriage matters/volunteer by IDAHOT-hk X Pink Alliance 粉紅同盟 @WEWORK CWB 】
Pink Alliance showed a short documentary called “Why Our Marriage Matters and Brings Honor to Our Family”.
They have also invited speakers to discuss marriage equality in Hong Kong, including Kayla Wong, LGBTQ+ activist and founder of Basics for Basics. More importantly.
This was a chance for the LGBTQ+ community to meet and share their ideas and experiences over drinks and nibbles!


“Why Our Marriage Matters” synopsis: The recent 2015 victory for same-sex marriage rights in the US was won in the court of public opinion before it was won in US courts. Active in LGBT media that helped shape opinion for over two decades, gay rights advocates John Catania and Charles Ignacio use clips from their historic LGBT television series, “In the Life” to reflect on the road to the historic US Supreme Court win that made their own legal marriage possible. John Catania is the producer of America’s longest-running LGBT TV program.




2 Dec 2018 【Wine Tasting X Hilberg Pasquero

29 Nov 2018 【Wine Tasting @Just Wine Warehouse】
Thank you for coming.



21 Nov 2018【Red Festival Launch Party 2018 by AIDS Concern X Petticoat Lane】
1st December 2018 marks the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day.
AIDS Concern held “Red Festival” to arouse public awareness and show support to PLHIV.
In the party, there is Red Drink Charity Sale.  From each Red festival cocktail and PrEP shooter, part of profits will go to AIDS Concern education program and supportive service to those in need.
Thanks for inviting us to the party.


【Red festival cocktail】

2 Nov 2018【Wine Tasting Event @ATLASPACE x Just Wine x RedMountain Asia】
Delighted to be invited by ATLASPACE to organize the wine tasting for this memorable Friday. Great success. Very professional people.
Thanks all of you. 🙂